Rootzy Fair Trade is beyond proud to be a part of the fair trade community, where art is woven into the hands of time. Solutions to global poverty are implemented, and then put into action by our artisans as they flourish and grow. Our partnerships with our artists, as well as the Fair Trade Federation continue to become stronger as the goals of sustainability and stability are reached. Our mission is to transform trash into treasure and poverty into opportunity.

Our fair trade project is aimed at helping families around the world, as part of our commitment to social and to environmental responsibility. Fair Trade was created as a partial solution supporting destroyed families. Nuclear families have been under attack and separated. Women and children needed and still  need protection, and love to grow. It is our greatest wish that we can work together in communities that support and encourage nuclear families in strength and harmony. 

Rootzy Fair Trade sources 2,000 fair trade products from over 20 developing nations. Our pieces are handmade with love and dedication. Community is the core principle the artisans share when creating their products. We celebrate timeless traditions by showcasing their designs using our foundational model: sustainable wages, generational crafts, recycling, fighting human & sex trafficking, and the continous protection of women and children. Please help us help the world!

Sustainable Wages

Using the principles of the fair trade federation, Rootzy Fair Trade artisans receive 50% prepayment followed by the other 50% when they complete their beautiful creations. The goal of fair trade is to provide stability, financial independence, and protection of the families.

Generational Crafts

Throughout human history, families have learned how to create timeless gems that tell stories of their past. When you buy fair trade you become a direct part of someone’s story of overcoming some of life’s greatest hardships. Every choice matters, and we are always connected.


Our amazing artists not only create personal and unique works of art, but they clean up the environment while doing so! Each piece is constructed by debris and garbage collected from their local landfill!

Fighting Human and Sex Trafficking

Save the children movements flood social media. Talking about human trafficking is important, and so is choosing where you buy your products. Buy fair trade and give someone an opportunity to become financially independent of the life that lies before them.

Protection of Women and Children

Fair trade protects women and children because of the high standards of which fair trade stands by. Creating safe and positive working conditions is paramount. Additionally, families and villages are involved in creating the art. Women are paid fair wages for their work, and have stable and reliable income so they can help protect their children.